Home design and furnishing requires personal and honest relationship with the client. When designing living spaces, we take great care in understanding client’s lifestyle and needs in order to create comfortable and unique homes. From spatial organization, to form and materiality, we pay attention to every interior detail, in any scale – from a single closet, to an entire apartment or house.

Living spaces

In order to achieve comfort, hedonism and warmth, hotel and relaxation spaces require great attention to details, both in design and furnishing. These spaces have to be perfect and unforgettable, while at the same time reflecting ‘the feeling of home’. With our extensive hotel portfolio of various functions and scales – from 5 star and condo to boutique hotels, we demonstrate that quality of atmosphere and spatial experience.  

Residential complexes, even though large-scale projects, still have to create comfortable and personal spaces. Furnishing these projects, we aim to satisfy the investor and the end user in order to create both an economically beneficial project and an enjoyable environment. Through real-estate developments in Montenegro, we created an extensive portfolio of residential complexes that testify to the potential of our manufacturing process as well as to our contemporary design thinking.  

Residential complexes
Office spaces

Work environment, designed by specific needs of a certain profession and its activity, should stimulate mental capacities and inspire success. To achieve this, we pay specific attention to provide fruitful spatial environment and pleasant use for clients. Designing and furnishing office spaces for various renowned companies, we have created a diverse portfolio of references that demonstrates our credibility in this design typology.

Designing and furnishing hospitality spaces is all about creating attractive and unforgettable environments that reflect the soul of the product, making the user feel comfortable and amazed at the same time. Investing in interiors of a restaurant or a café is a crucial element of their business, which is why we keep specific attention to how our contribution will help nourish the profits and invite more customers for our client. With a variety of renowned clients who have given us trust in this field, we created an extensive portfolio that is a testimony to our design thinking and furnishing quality.

Cafes and restaurants
Retail spaces

Retail space interiors are all about presenting the product, allowing easy customer experience and navigation. Each of these projects are unique in reflecting the brand’s philosophy and product type, which is why we pay specific attention to reflect those values through interior design and furnishing. Working with a variety of businesses, we gained valuable experience in this field and created an extensive portfolio to prove that.

Made of solid wood, chipboard, veneered or coloured MDF, in combination with glass, steel or leather, they can fit any interior style and need. Using carefully chosen fittings and opening system, we ensure a high quality standard and a long-lasting product.

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